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Durant, Will ; Durant, Ariel ; [Wolff, Adolf]:
Unser Leben : eine Autobiographie

München : Südwest-Verl., 1980. - 236 pp.

First edition in the original language: Engl.: A dual autobiography (1977)
Mention of Spinoza: Gedicht von/Poem by Adolf Wolff: Spinoza: 57-58; Weiterhin/further: 31, 42, 45-46, 56, 72, 191-192, 201

Literature type: Monographs
Language: German
Thematic areas: Literary or artistic representation

Autopsy: yes
English commentary: ON A TALK ON SPINOZA
Durant spoke of Spinoza yesterday
And I sat listening, feeling, mediating,
And now and ever afterwards will feel
And live and think more deeply than before,
For having heard Durant speak of Spinoza.
Spinoza! what a mighty, mighty name!
All Alexanders, Caesars and Napoleons -
Mere specks of dust upon a polished lens,
Compared to this poor polisher of lenses,
He polished lenses for myoptic eyes; ...
The World's myoptic eyes have need of them -
And long will need them - poor myoptic world.
My own sight seems improved since I heard
Durant speak of Spinoza yesterday.
(Adolf Wolff)

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