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Hardt, Michael ; Negri, Antonio:

Buenos Aires : Paidós, 2002. - XVII, 478 pp.

First edition in the original language: Engl. (2000)
Mention of Spinoza: s./v. Engl. ed.
Other editions / translations: Deutsch/German (2002)
Italienisch/Italian: Impero, trad. it. de A. Pandolfi e D. Didero. - Milano : Rizzoli, 2000 // 2003
Spanisch/Spanish: Imperio, trad. Alcirea Bixio. - Barcelona [e.a.] : Paidós Ibérica, 2005. - 503 pp.
Französisch/French: Empire / trad. fr. par Denis-Armand Canal. - Paris : Exils, 2000
Polnisch/Polish: Imperium / przet. Sergiusz Slusarski ; Adam Kolbianuk. - Warszawa : W.A.B., 2005. - 504, (8) pp.
Portug.: Império (2004)

Literature type: Monographs
Language: Spanish
Thematic areas: Theory of society
Subject: TP

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