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Spinoza, Benedictus de:
Obras completas de Spinoza

Weiss, Abahan J. [= Weinberg, Gregorio?]

Buenos Aires : Acervo cultural, 1977. - (Valores en el tiempo).

Works contained: E, ed. Machado (1913) ; Ep., ed. Cohan (1950) ; TIE, ed. Cohan (1944) ; TTP, ed. Vargas/Zazaya (1946) ; KV, PPC/CM, TP, ed. Mario Calés ; vol. 5: Grammatica hebrea (lat.), Arco iris, Probablilidades (niederl./Dutch); Biographien von/biographies by Lucas und/and Colerus
First edition in the original language: Lateinisch/Latin: Opera posthuma (1677)
Other editions / translations: Spinoza: Obras completas y biografias. - Vivelibro, 2015. - 1004 pp.

Literature type: Complete works of Spinoza
Language: Latin, Dutch, Spanish
Subject: Complete Works

Reviews: Domínguez, Atilano (1986)

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