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Spinoza, Benedictus de:
Tractatus theologico-politicus = Trattato teologico-politico

Totaro, Pina (Hrsg./Ed.; Übers./Transl.)

Napoli : Bibliopolis, 2007. - XLIX, 750 pp.

First edition in the original language: Lat. (1670)
Other editions / translations: Vorher/previous: 1972 / 1980

Literature type: Individual works of Spinoza
Language: Italian, Latin
Subject: TTP

Reviews: Gregory, T. in: Il Sole 24ore (08/12/2007);
Paganini, G. in: L’Indice. Rivista di libri (2008, Dec.): 24;
Lagrée, J. in: Historia philosophica 6 (2008)
Manzini, F. in: Bulletin de bibiographie spinoziste, Archives de philosophie (2008): 718

Autopsy: yes
English commentary: Introduction: IX-XLVII; Latin Text and Italian Translation: 1-495; Notes and commentary: 499-719 by Pina Totaro

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