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Tillich, Paul:
Męstwo bycia [The courage to be]

Bednarek, Henryk (Übers./Transl.)

Paris : Éditions Du Dialogue Société d'Éditions Internationales, 1983. - X, 186 pp. - (dialogue. znaki czasu ; 47).

First edition in the original language: The courage to be. - Yale University Press, 1952. - XI, 197 pp. - (The Terry Lectures)
Mention of Spinoza: 25-34
Other editions / translations: Erneut/again Niederländ./Dutch: De moed om te zijn : Over de redding der menselijke persoonlijkheid [Vert. C. B. Burger]. - Utrecht : Bijlefeld, 1955. - 168 pp. - (Wetenschap en bezinning) // Deutsch/German (1965) // Portugiesisch/Portuguese: A coragem de ser : baseado nas Conferências Terry, pronunciadas na Yale University / trad. de Eglê Malheiros. - 4a. ed. - Rio de Janeiro : Paz e Terra, 1991. - 146 pp.

Literature type: Monographs
Language: Polish
Thematic areas: Anthropology / psychology / doctrine of affections / body and mind, Previous history (e.g. Descartes, Stoicism)
Subject: E

Autopsy: yes

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