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Eintrag Nr. 6453
Literature type Monographs
Author Israel, Jonathan Irvine
Title Radical Enlightenment
Subtitle Philosophy and the Making of Modernity 1650-1750
Place published Oxford [e.a.]
Publisher Oxford Univ. Pr.
Year 2001
Pages in total (of the volume) XVI, 810, 8 : Ill.
Contains bibliography 721-777
Mention of Spinoza Part II. The Rise Of Philosophical Radicalism. 8. Spinoza: 159-174 ; 13. Spinoza's System: 230-241 ; 14. Spinoza, Science, and the Scientists: 242-257 ; 15. Philosophy, Politics, and the Liberation of Man. iii. Spinoza, Locke, and the Enlightenment Struggle for Toleration: 265-269 ; 17. The Spread of a Forbidden Movement. iii. The Rise of Dutch Spinozism: 307-314 ; Part V. The Clandestine Progress of the Radical Enlightenment (1680-1750). 34. Germany: The Radical Aufklärung. iv. Spinoza and Cabbala. Wachte und Spaeth: 645-651; vi. Schmidt and the Maturing of German Spinozism: 655-658; 36. The Clandestine Philosophical Manuscripts. ii. L'Esprit de Spinosa: 694-700 ; [u.ö./and more]
Language English
Thematic areas Previous history (e.g. Descartes, Stoicism), Contemporaries and context, Reception history, Spinoza and Judaism / Jewish philosophy, Materialism / Marxism
Subject (individuals) Ashley Cooper, Anthony, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury ; Radicati di Passerano, Count Alberto ; Vauvenargues ; Luc de Clapiers, Marquis de ; Enden, Franciscus van den ; Koerbagh, Adriaan ; Koerbagh, Johannes ; Meyer, Lodewijk ; Huygens, Christiaan ; Boyle, Robert ; Locke, John ; Bayle, Pierre ; Bredenburg, Johannes ; Bekker, Balthasar ; Dale, Anthonie van ; Leenhof, Frederik van ; Le Clerc, Jean ; Limborch, Philip van ; Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm ; Wolff, Christian ; Voltaire, François-Marie Arouet ; d' Argens, Jean-Baptiste de Boyer, Marquis ; Gueudeville, Nicolas ; Lahontan, Louis-Armand de Lom d' Arce, Baron de ; Toland, John ; Collins, Anthony ; Tindal, Matthew ; Mandeville, Bernard ; Tschirnhaus, Ehrenfried Walter von ; Stosch, Friedrich Wilhelm ; Lau, Theodor Ludwig ; Edelmann, Johann Christian ; Schmidt, Johann Lorenz ; Vico, Giambattista ; Doria, Paolo Mattia ; Giannone, Pietro ; Diderot, Denis
Other editions / translations Erneut/again: 2002 // 2003
Franz./French (2005)
Niederl./Dutch (2005)
Reviews Alves Latournerie, Esther (2001)
Conolly, William E. (2009)
Guillemeau, Evelyne (2007)
Goldenbaum, Ursula (2008)
Jacob, Margerat C. (2003)
Kors, Alan Charles (2003)
Conolly, William E. (2004)
Nadler, Steven (2009)
Hippler, Thomas (2013)
Williams, Caroline (2002)
Autopsy yes
Complete bibliographic evaluation no
German commentary Inhaltsangabe/-verzeichnis:
English commentary Publisher description/Table of contents:
URL http://DOI:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780198206088.003.0011
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