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Eintrag Nr. 6013
Literature type Edited collections
Title Spinoza and Hobbes
Editor Special editorial team: M. Bertman, H. de Dijn, M. Walther
Editor (surname first) Bertman, M.; De Dijn, Herman; Walther, Manfred (Hrsg./Ed.)
Place published Alling
Publisher Walther & Walther
Year [1986]
Pages in total (of the volume) 539
Series ; volume Studia Spinozana ; 3 (1987)
Works contained Balibar, Etienne ; Bartuschat, Wolfgang ; Boros, Gabor ; Boss, Gilbert ; Dijn, Herman de ; ; Goyard-Fabre, Simone ; Hammacher, Klaus ; Harris, Errol E. ; Jongeneelen, Gerrit H. ; Klever, Wim ; ; ; Lazzeri, Christian ; Levy, Ze'ev ; Madanes, Leiser ; ; Maxwell, Vance ; Moreau, Pierre-François ; Niewöhner, Friedrich ; Osier, Jean-Pierre ; Parrochia, Daniel ; Rice, Lee C. ; ; Sacksteder, William ; Santinelli, Cristina ; Schuhmann, Karl ; Secretan, Catherine ; Suchtelen, Guido van ; ; Uyl, Douglas J. den ; Vries, Theun de ; ; Wal, E.A. van der ; Walther, Manfred ; Werf, Theo van der
Language German, English, French
Thematic areas Previous history (e.g. Descartes, Stoicism), Comparison of theories
Reviews Altwicker, Norbert (1991)
Bostrenghi, Daniela (1991)
Bovero, Michelangelo (1992)
Metzger, Hans-Dieter (1992)
Ramond, Charles (1993)
Foisneau, Luc (1993)
Autopsy yes
Complete bibliographic evaluation yes
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