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Einstein, Albert:
Zu Spinozas Ethik

In: Spinoza and Literature  / Special Editorial Team: M. Bollacher, R. Henrard, W. Klever. - Würzburg : Königshausen & Neumann, 1989: 99-100. - (Studia Spinozana ; 5)

First edition in the original language: in: Jammer, Max: Einstein and Religion : Physics and Theology. - Prinbceton, New Jersey [e.a.]: Princeton University press, 1999, Appendix: [267]
Other editions / translations: Französisch/French: À propos del''Ethique' de Spinoza, in: Einstein, lrbert: Science, éthique, philosophie. - Paris : Seuil/CNRS, 1991 (Einstein: Oeuvres choisies ; 59: 247

Literature type: Lyrics, Prose, Films, Arts
Language: German
Thematic areas: Literary or artistic representation

Autopsy: yes
English commentary: Poem

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