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Eintrag Nr. 2714
Literature type Monographs
Author Damasio, Antonio R.
Title Looking for Spinoza
Subtitle Joy, Sorrow, and the Feeling Brain
Editor All figures, diagrams, and drawings by Hanna Damasio [except portrait on page 263]
Editor (surname first) Damasio, Hanna (Ill.)
Place published Orlando [e.a.]
Publisher Harcourt [e.a.]
Year 2003
Pages in total (of the volume) X, 356
Series ; volume harvest edition
Language English
Thematic areas Biography, Epistemology / methodology / philosophy of mind, Anthropology / psychology / doctrine of affections / body and mind
Subject E
Subject (individuals) James, William
Other editions / translations Deutsch/German (2003)
Franzlösich/French (2003)
Italienisch/Italian (2003)
Niederländisch/Dutch (2003)
Portugiesisch/Portuguese (2003)
Spanisch/Spanish (2005)
Reviews [d. engl. Ausg./of the English ed.]:
Connolly, William E. (2009)
Hampe, Michael (2003)
Panksepp, Jaak (2003)
Ravven, Heidi (2003)
Ribeiro Ferreira, Maria Luísa (2004)
Espinosa, Luciano (2004)
Panksepp, Jaak ; Watt, Douglas (2006)
Slonim, T. (2012)
[d. span. Ausg./of the Spanish ed.]:
Espinosa Antón, Francisco Javier (2006)
Autopsy yes
Complete bibliographic evaluation no
German commentary Zeichnungen von Hanna Damasio: Spinozas Haus in der Paviljoensgracht 72-74: 9 ; Spinoza-Statue: 16 ; Rückseite der Neuen Kirche und von Spinozas Grab in Den Haag: 19 ; Portugiesische Synagoge in Amsterdam: 185 ; Spinozas Haus in Rijnsburg: 223 ; Spinoza-Büste: 225 ; Alte Synagoge in Amsterdam: 241
English commentary Drawings by Hanna Damasio: Spinoza's house in 72-74 Paviljoensgracht: 9 ; statue of Spinoza: 16 ; the back of the New Church and Spinoza's tomb in The Hague: 19 ; Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam: 185 ; Spinoza's house in Rijnsburg: 223 ; Bust of Spinoza: 225 ; Old Synagogue in Amsterdam: 241
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