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Newlands, Samuel:
Regis' Sweeping and Costly Anti-Spinozism

In: Journal of the History of Philosophy 62, 2 (2024), 211-238

Literature type: Articles
Language: English
Thematic areas: Metaphysics / ontology, Contemporaries and context, Reception history
Subject: E
Subject (individuals): Regis, Pierre-Sylvain

English commentary: "Pierre-Sylvain Regis, once a well-known defender of Cartesianism, offers an unusually rich and innovative refutation of Spinoza. While many of his early modern contemporaries raised narrower objections to particular claims in Spinoza’s Ethics, Regis develops a broader anti-Spinozistic position, one that threatens the very core of Spinoza’s metaphysical ambitions and offers a philosophically robust alternative. However, as with any far-reaching philosophical commitment, Regis’s gambit comes with substantive costs of its own, including creating instabilities within the core of his own philosophical system. Far from diminishing the significance of Regis’s anti-Spinozism, this critical appraisal helps us better appreciate both the conceptual pull of Spinozism within early modern metaphysics and one sweeping, albeit costly way of escaping its orbit". (abstract)

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