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Walzer, Michael ; Lorberbaum, Yair (Hrsg./eds.):
The Jewish Political Tradition : Volume I ; Authority

Michael Walzer ; coed. Yair Lorberbaum

New Haven [e.a.] : Yale University Press, 2000. - LVII, 578 pp.

Mention of Spinoza: Excerpts from Spinoza, TTP:
One. Covenant. God's Laws and the People's Consent, Covenant as Social Contrat. TTP, chapters 5 and 17: 43-46 ;
Two. Revelation. Revelation, Morality, and Ritual. Modern Struggles. TTP, chapters 4-5: 78-82 ;
Four. Priest. Apolitical Priesthood. TTP, chapter 17: 181-182 ;
Five. Prophets. Prophecy as Political Challenge. Subversiveness of Prophecy. TTP, Chapter 18 ;
Spinoza is mentioned in the Introduction and in the commentaries: XXIII, XXVII, 8, 10, 82, 110, 119, 164, 167-168, 194, 217-218, 460, 543-544

Literature type: Spinoza extracts
Language: English
Thematic areas: Philosophy of politics and law, Spinoza and Judaism / Jewish philosophy
Subject: TTP

Autopsy: yes

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