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Franchi, Leonardo:
Temi, problemi ed eredità dell'ontologia di Spinoza

In: La Cultura 2 (2021), 261-283

Literature type: Articles
Language: Italian
Thematic areas: Metaphysics / ontology, Comparison of theories
Subject (individuals): Aristoteles [Aristotle] ; Parmenides

English commentary: "This paper focuses on some crucial elements of Spinoza’s ontology, in order to point out their meaning and their role in Spinoza’s ontological system. Such an operation allows to highlight some discrepancies which seems to arise in Spinoza’s system, but also to shed light on its debts with Aristotle’s ontology. A further study of this latter point could show how Spinoza’s original elaboration of Aristotle’s assumption implies the recovering of some ontological points which characterized Parmenides’ doctrine, and which have been originally refused by Aristotle, since he elaborated his ontology in controversy with Parmenides’ thought". (abstract)

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