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da Silva, Jaine Kareny [e.a.]:
A reflection on the attitudes of caregivers from the standpoint of Spinoza's notion of bondage and freedom : Une reflexión spinozista entre la esclavitud y la libertad vivida por los cuidadores ; Uma relexão spinoziste entre servidão e liberdade ...

In: Advances en Enfermeríce 36, 1 (2018), 99-107

Literature type: Articles
Language: English, Portuguese, Spanish
Thematic areas: Anthropology / psychology / doctrine of affections / body and mind, Ethics

English commentary: "Objective: to analyze the meaning care has for people who care for their elderly relatives from the standpoint of Baruch Spinoza’s affective ethics with regard to freedom from the bondage of passions in such interpersonal relationships." (summary)

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