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Blanchet, Marion:
Être tenu á Obéir : Le problème de l'obligation chez Spinoza

In: Revue internationale de philosophie [= Obéissance et rébellion chez Spinoza] 295, 1 (2021), 19-36

Contains summary in: English

Literature type: Articles
Language: French
Thematic areas: Ethics, Philosophy of politics and law

English commentary: "This paper aims to make sense of a sort of obligation in Spinoza’s work, even though the philosopher seems to refuse to base political obedience on the obligation toward the dictates of reason; it aims to determine to what people are bound or not bound. This analysis attempts to rethink the place of reason in political and ethical processes with a view to greater freedom; this requires a consideration of the point of view that people have on their own life." (abstract)

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