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Spinoza, Baruch de [Spinoza, Benedictus de]:

transl. and ed. by W. Hale White ; rev. and corr. by Amelia Hutchinson Sterling

4th ed., rev. and corr.. London [e.a.] : Oxford University Press [e.a.], 1910. - XCIX, 297 pp.

First edition in the original language: Lat. in: Opera posthuma (1677)
Other editions / translations: Zuerst/first: Ethic : demonstrated in geometrical order and divided into five parts, which treat: 1. of god, 2. of the nature and origin of the mind, 3. of the origin and nature of the affects, 4. of human bondage, or of the strength of the affects, 5. of the power of the intellect, or of human liberty / Transl. from the Lat. by William Hale. - London : Trübner, 1883. - XXXVIII, 297 pp. - (The English and foreign philosophical library ; 21)
Erneut/again: 2001

Literature type: Individual works of Spinoza
Language: English
Thematic areas: Ethics
Subject: E

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