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Espinosa, Luciano:
El pensamiento narrativo de Spinoza

In: Co-herentia : Revista de Humanidades 15, 28 (2018), 271-295

Contains bibliography: 295

Literature type: Articles
Language: Spanish
Thematic areas: Miscellaneous

English commentary: "Spinoza is far from the so called narrative thought and he prefers the timeless knowledge that reason provides. However, the complexity of human life requires other forms of approach that enable its comprehension in its particular and often contingent context from the point of view of the subject. Therefore, the author permits - even though in a second scheme - a flexible treatment of practical issues, that includes various narrative aspects which make ready and extend rationality. Such is the case of genealogical study of phenomena, political debate, also the learning derived from experience, education, psychophysics biography, the use of suggestion and visualization techniques, etc. Once again, it is about adding tools to develop a lucid and joyful life." (abstract)URL: http://https://www.redalyc.org/articulo.oa?id=77455380012

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