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Claudius, Matthias:
Zwey Recensionen [et]c. in Sachen der Herren Leßing, M. Mendelssohn und Jacobi : Mollibit aversos Penates farre pio et saliente mica

Claudius, Matthias (Hrsg./Ed.)

Hamburg : Bohn, 1786. - 29 : Ill.

Other editions / translations: Erneut/Again: Claudius: Asmus omnia Sua Secum portans, oder Sammtliche Werke des Wandsbecker Bothen : V. Theil [von/of 8]. - Hamburg : Perthes, 1798: 170-203 // Caudius, Matthias: Sämtliche Werke. München 1968: 348-360.

Literature type: Reviews
Language: German
Thematic areas: Theology / biblical hermeneutics / philosophy of religion, Reception history
Subject (individuals): Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim ; Mendelssohn, Moses ; Jacobi, Friedrich Heinrich

Reviews: Anonymus (1786)
Works reviewed: Jacobi, Friedrich Heinrich: Ueber die Lehre des Spinoza in Briefen an den Herrn Moses Mendelssohn. - Breslau : Löwe, 1785. - 215 pp.
Mendelssohn, Moses: Moses Mendelssohn an die Freunde Leßings: Ein Anhang zu Herrn Jacobis Briefwechsel über die Lehre des Spinoza. - Berlin : Voß, 1786

Autopsy: yes
English commentary: In this essay are some extracts of letters of those, who are mentioned in the title. On the basis oh these extracts it shall be under examination, who is an Spinozist.

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