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Fabro, Cornelio:
God in Exile : Modern Atheism from Its Roots in the Cartesian 'Cogito' to the Present Day

Trans. and ed. by Arthur Gibson

Westminster, Md. [e.a.] : Newman, 1968. - XLII, 1230 pp.

Contains bibliography: 1155-1202
Mention of Spinoza: [incl. 'spinozism'] Part I. Controverses surrounding the atheism of rationalism ; 2. Atheism and Pantheism in Spinoza's Metaphysics: 120-157 ; Appendices. Spinoza's Religious Sentiments: 186-187 ; Anti-Spinozian Polemic Writings: 189-194 ; Kuyper. More Critique of Spinoza's Atheism ; Part IV. Disintegration of Idealism into Atheism. 1. The Spinoza Controversy ('Spinozastreit': Lessing-Jacobi) as Catalyst of the Disintegration of Rationalism into Idealist Atheism: 491-515 ; Appendices. Schlegel, Goethe, Herder and Spinoza: 605-608 ; Spinozan Atheism and the Structural Pattern of Transcendental Idealism (Fichte): 608-611 ; F. van Baader's Critique of Hegelian Spinozism: 620-622 ; ferner/further: mehr als/more than 50 Erwähnungen/references

Literature type: Monographs
Language: English
Thematic areas: Metaphysics / ontology, Theology / biblical hermeneutics / philosophy of religion, Materialism / Marxism
Subject: E, Ep., PPC/CM, TTP
Subject (individuals): Zahlreiche Autoren, mit einem Schwerpunkt auf der nach-kantischen deutsche Philosophie / Numerous authors, with an emphasis on post-Kantian German philosophy

Autopsy: yes

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