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Vardoulakis, Dimitris:
Equality and Power : Spinoza's Reformulation of the Aristotelian Tradition of Egalitarism

In: Spinoza's Authority, Volume I : Resistance and Power in the 'Ethics'  / Kordela, A. Kiarina ; Vardoulakis, Dimitris (Hrsg./Eds.). - London (e.a.) : Bloomsbury, 2018: [11]-31.

Contains bibliography: 30-31

Literature type: Articles
Language: English
Thematic areas: Metaphysics / ontology, Theory of society, Philosophy of politics and law, Previous history (e.g. Descartes, Stoicism), Contemporaries and context, Comparison of theories
Subject: E
Subject (individuals): Aristoteles [Aristotle] ; Augustinus ; Hobbes, Thomas ; Kant, Immanuel

Complete bibliographic evaluation: yes
Autopsy: yes
English commentary: "Spinoza's sense of equality is inextricably linked to his conception of power and the production of state authority." (p. 11)
"The Spinozan position allows for a conceptualization of equality which is not dependent on authority, but consists rather in the equality of access to participation in the differential unfolding of power." (p. 26)

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