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Pines, Shlomo:
Studies in the History of Jewish Thought

Ed. by Warren Zev Harvey ; Moshe Idel

Jerusalem : Magnus Press, 1997. - [VII], [821] - (The Collected Works of Shlomo Pines ; 5).

Mention of Spinoza: Beiträge zu/Contributions on Spinoza:
Jewish Philosopy: 1-51
Jewish Philosophy : Medieval Philosophy, Iberian-Dutch Philosopy: 52-82
Spinoza's 'Tractatus Theologico-Politicus', Maimonides and Kant: 660-711
Spinoza's 'Tratatus Theologico-Politicus' and the Jewish Philosophical Tradition
On Spinoza's Conception of Human Freedom and of Good and Evil: 735-747
The Jewish Religion after the destruction of Temple and State : The View of Bodin and Spinoza: 748-770
ferner/further: 246, 348, 361, 390n3, 372n3
Other editions / translations: Zuerst (teilweise)/first (partially) in: Pines (1979) ; (1987)

Literature type: Monographs
Language: English
Thematic areas: Comparison of theories, Spinoza and Judaism / Jewish philosophy
Subject: E, TTP

Autopsy: yes

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