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Flew, Antony (Hrsg., Einf./ed., introd.):
Body, Mind, and Death : Readings

selected, edited, and furnished with an introductory essay by Antony Flew

New York (e.a.) : Macmillan (e.a.), 1964. - XI, 306 pp. - (Problems of Philosophy Series).

Works contained: Flew, Antony: Introduction: 1-28
Contains bibliography: 297-306
First edition in the original language: Lateinisch/Latin in: Opera Posthuma (1677)
Mention of Spinoza: Baruch Spinoza: 144-148 (E 3 pref., E3 P2S, E5 P41S + P42)

Literature type: Spinoza extracts
Language: English
Thematic areas: Anthropology / psychology / doctrine of affections / body and mind, Ethics
Subject: E

Autopsy: yes

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