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[Spinoza, Benedictus de]:
Spinoza's Ethics and 'De Intellectus Emendatione' : "Treatise on the correction of the understanding (tractatus de intellectus emendatione) and on the way in which it may be directed towards a true knowledge of things"

Translated by A. Boyle ; Introduction by George Santayana

London [e.a.] : Dent [e.a.], 1910. - xlviii, 263, 4 pp. - (Everyman's library ; 481).

Contains bibliography: xxiii
First edition in the original language: Lateinisch/Latin in: Opera Posthuma (1677)
Other editions / translations: Erneut/again: 1913 // 1928 // 1967

Literature type: Individual works of Spinoza
Language: English
Thematic areas: Metaphysics / ontology, Epistemology / methodology / philosophy of mind, Ethics
Subject: TIE

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