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Hahn, Scott W. ; Wiker, Benjamin:
Politicizing the Bible : The Roots of Historical Criticism and the Secularization of Scripture 1300-1700

New York : Crossroad, 2013. - VIII, (II), 611 pp. - (Herder & Herder Book).

Contains bibliography: 567-592
Mention of Spinoza: 9. Spinoza and the Beginning of the Radical Enlightenment: 339-393; 10. The Ambiguous Richard Simon. Using Spinoza Against Sola Scriptura: 396-398; ferner: Mehr als 80 Erwähnungen, bes. im Kapitel "Conclusions" mit, u.a., einem kurzen Überblick über die Rezeption in Deutschland (Johann Salomon Semler bis David Friedrich Strauss)/further: More than 80 references with, i.a., a brief survey on the reception in Germany from Johann Salomon Semler up to David Friedrich Strauss

Literature type: Monographs
Language: English
Thematic areas: Biography, Metaphysics / ontology, Philosophy of politics and law, Theology / biblical hermeneutics / philosophy of religion, Contemporaries and context, Reception history
Subject: E, TTP
Subject (individuals): Da Costa, Uriel ; De Pado, Juan; Enden, Franciscus van den ; Koerbagh, Adriaan ; La Peyrère, Isaac ; Meijer, Lodewijk ; Simon, Richard ; Toland, John

Reviews: Morrow, Jeffrey I. (2014)

Complete bibliographic evaluation: yes
Autopsy: yes
English commentary: "Through the Radical Enlightenment's embrace of Spinoza, and the many eighteenth-century responses to Spinoza, we can see the influence Spinoza's work had on future generations of scriptual scholars" (p. 14).
"As strange as it may sound to biblical scholars in academia, the fundamental issue deciding the caliber of Spinoza's biblical hermeneutics (and hence what he has bequeathed to his progency as one of the fathers of of modern biblical hermeneutics) is the accuracy and adequacy of Spinoza's account of reason and nature" (p. 392).

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