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Dortous de Mairan, Jean-Jacques ; Malebranche, Nicolas:
Malebranche's first and last critics : Simon Foucher and Dortous de Mairan

Watson, Richard A.; Grene, Marjorie (Hrsg./eds., Übers./transl.)

Carbondale : Southern Illinois University Press, 1995. - VII, 114 pp. - (The journal of the history of philosophy monograph series).

Contains bibliography: 113-114
First edition in the original language: Franz./French (1845)
Mention of Spinoza: Part 2 (Letters 1 and 2): 68-70 ; (Letters 6, 7, 8): 84-105
Other editions / translations: Erneut/again: Auszug/Excerpt betitelt/entitled 'What is Spinoza's paralogism?' in: Boucher, Wayne I. (Hrsg./Ed.): Spinoza : 18th and 19th Century Discussions (1999) ; Vol. 1 ; 1700-1800: [10. [110]-125]

Literature type: Letters, Diaries, Notes
Language: English
Thematic areas: Metaphysics / ontology, Reception history
Subject (individuals): Dortous de Mairan, Jean-Jacques ; Malebranche, Nicolas

Autopsy: yes
English commentary: A selection of letters on Spinoza, exchanged in 1713-1714

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