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Goetschel, Willi:
Heine and Critical Theory

London [e.a.] : Bloomsbury, 2019. - XII, 311 pp.

Contains bibliography: 293-306
Mention of Spinoza: 6 The Comedy of Body and Mind: Emancipation and the Power of the Affects, Spinoza's Return: 145-203 ; ferner/further: 23, 38.40, 44, 49, 51, 140, 155, 160, 217, 220-223, 228, 244-245, 256

Literature type: Monographs
Language: English
Thematic areas: Anthropology / psychology / doctrine of affections / body and mind, Philosophy of politics and law, Theology / biblical hermeneutics / philosophy of religion, Reception history, Materialism / Marxism
Subject (individuals): Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von ; Heine, Heinrich

Autopsy: yes
English commentary: "Heine's resolute embrace of Spinoza offers a literary enactment of some of the signal ideas of Spinoza's thought that - in line with Spinoza's immanent thinking - does not reproduce or imitate Spinoza's propositons but sets the critical force of his thought free through the performative enactment of their implications in his literary production" (p. 195).

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