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Nadler, Steven:
Spinoza in the Garden of Good and Evil

In: The Problem of Evil in Early Modern Philosophy / edited by Elmar J. Kremer and Michael J. Latzer. - Toronto : The University of Toronto Press, 2001: [66]-80.

Literature type: Articles
Language: English
Thematic areas: Epistemology / methodology / philosophy of mind, Theology / biblical hermeneutics / philosophy of religion, Previous history (e.g. Descartes, Stoicism), Spinoza and Judaism / Jewish philosophy
Subject (individuals): Gersonides ; Maimonides, Moses ; Saadya ben Joseph

Complete bibliographic evaluation: yes
Autopsy: yes
English commentary: "Perhaps we should look at Spinoza, not as the iconoclast who represents a radical break with traditional Jewish thought, but rather as one who took a certain intellectual trend in Jewish rationalism to its logical conclusion." (p. 78)

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