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Rodrigues, Manuel Augusto:
Algunas notas sobre o 'Compendium Grammatices Hebraeae' de Baruch Spinoza

In: Helmantica 49, 148-149 (1998), 111-129

Literature type: Articles
Language: Portuguese
Thematic areas: Commentary of works, Language / philosophy of language
Subject: CG
Subject (individuals): Alquié, Ferdinand

English commentary: By commenting on the latest translation of Spinoza's Hebrew grammar, the author - on the train of the comments with which Ferdinand Alquié introduces this work - emphazises some particular aspects of Spinoza's thought about the philosophy of language. He examines the definition of the semantic features of certain parts of speech, underlining the contribution that Spinoza's Hebrew grammar represents for the understanding of the whole thought of this author.URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10316/14429

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