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Walther, Manfred:
Spinoza'da Anayasal İktisat ya da Hukukun İktisadi Analizi [Spinozas Constitutional Economics or Economic Analysis of Law- A Commentary to Tractatus Politicus, Chapters VI to VII]

In: Spinoza Günleri 2. Yeni Dünyadan Eski Dünyaya [Spinoza Days 2. From the New World to the Old World]  / Ergün, Reyda; Akal, Cemal Bâli (Hrsg./Ed.); Özer, Sinem (Übers./Transl.). - İstanbul : İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi, 2011: 67-79.

Other editions / translations: Englisch/English: Spinoza's Constitutional Economics, in: Walther, Manfred: Natur, Recht und Freiheit : Spinozas Theorie von Recht, Staat und Politik im Kontext der Frühen Neuzeit.- Heidelberg : Winter, 2018 (Walther, Manfred: Spinoza-Studien ; 2 - Beiträge zur Philosophie : Neue Reihe): 123-136

Literature type: Articles
Language: turkish
Thematic areas: Philosophy of politics and law
Subject: TP

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