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Donagan, Alan:
Spinoza's Dualism

In: The Philosophy of Baruch Spinoza  / Edited by Richard Kennington. - Washington, DC : The Catholic University of America Press, 1980: 89-102. - (Studies in Philosophy and the History of Philosophy ; 7)

Other editions / translations: Erneut/Again in: Baruch de Spinoza / ed. with an introd. by Vere Chappell. - New York [e.a.] : Garland, 1992. - X, 411 pp. - (Essays on Modern Philosophers from Descartes and Hobbes to Newton and Leibniz ; 10) // In: Philosophical Papers of Alan Donagan / Malpas, J. E. (Hrsg/Ed.); Toulmin, Stephen (Vorw./Forew.), Vol. 1: Historical Understanding and the History of Philosophy. - Chicago, Ill. [e.a.] : University of Chicago Press, 1994

Literature type: Articles
Language: English
Thematic areas: Metaphysics / ontology
Subject: E

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