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The Spinoza bibliography aims at comprising as many titles as possible (Spinoza’s works and texts on the person and the philosophy of Spinoza and its relation to other thinkers / poets / scientists / disciplines etc.) in all languages and countries and to support all users who look for titles referring to special issues.

The Spinoza-Gesellschaft manages the content and is responsible for this online bibliography begun in 2006. Its completion has been in stages in cooperation with a continually growing number of responsible editors from numerous countries. The basis for this and the final phase were funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

The frommann-holzboog-Verlag e.K. made available its expertise in the field of academic publications in the technical and conceptionally structured form and dissemination of the contents within the framework of an internet site. Using open access the frommann-holzboog-Verlag, which beard the long-term costs for the use of a server, has contracted to guarantee free access to all those intererested. The Philipps University Marburg provides a mirroring of the bibliography on their servers.

Using the menu item Search, you can search the entire data collection using a number of different options or combinations thereof. The menu item Recent entries allows you to observe the increasing data collection. Click on Editorial in order to learn more about our academic work. Finally, you can contribute to our bibliographic work by Reporting a bibliographic entry or by Reporting a bibliographic correction We do apologize for smaller errors we cannot exclude. We are therefore especially grateful for suggestions for improvements, praise or criticism.

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