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Eintrag Nr. 8172
Literature type Monographs
Author Balibar, Étienne
Title Spinoza and Politics
Editor Transl. by Peter Snowdon
Editor (surname first) Snowdon, Peter (Übers./Transl.)
Place published London [e.a.]
Publisher Verso Verl.
Year 1998
Pages in total (of the volume) XXIV, 136
Series ; volume Radical Thinkers ; 27
Works contained Montag, Warren: Preface: VII-XX
Language English
Thematic areas Philosophy of politics and law
Subject E, TP, TTP
First edition in the original language Französisch/French (1985)
Italienisch/Italien: Spinoza e la politica. - Roma : Manifestolibri, 1996
Other editions / translations Erneut/again: 2008
Türkisch/Turkish (2004)
Reviews James, Susan (1999)
Bernstein, Jeffrey A[lan] (2000)
Kochin, M[ichael] S[halom] (2001)
Williams, Caroline (2002)
Reitz, Tilman (2005) in:
[der frz. Ausg./of the French ed.]:
Cristofolini, Paolo (1986)
Autopsy no
Complete bibliographic evaluation no
URL http://[Inhaltsverzeichnis/Contents]: http://www.gbv.de/dms/sub-hamburg/232135711.pdf
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