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Eintrag Nr. 21393
Literature type Monographs
Author Castrucci, Emanuele
Title On the Idea of Potency
Subtitle Juridical and Theological Roots of the Western Cultural Tradition
Place published Edinburgh
Publisher Edinburgh University Press
Year 2016
Pages in total (of the volume) XI, 187
Series ; volume Encounters in Law and Philosophy
Contains bibliography 169-181
Mention of Spinoza I. The Logos of Potency. A Theoretical Introduction 4. Spinoza vs. Leibniz: 4-5 ; II. Logos of 'Potentia Dei'. 1. Potency and power. Spinoza's ethics of "potency of what is living": 8-11 ; IV. Political Theology Reconsidered. 4. Spinoza and the inadmissibility of a "theological constitutionalism": 52-56 ; 5. Schmitt's interpretation of Spinoza: the link between "constitutive potency" and "constituent power": 56-60 ; V. Genealogies of Constituant Potency: Schmitt, Nietzsche, Spinoza: 61-68 ; ferner/further: IX-XI, 3-4, 5-7, 25, 37, 43, 69, 132, 134, 143
Language English
Thematic areas Metaphysics / ontology, Ethics, Philosophy of politics and law, Theology / biblical hermeneutics / philosophy of religion, Previous history (e.g. Descartes, Stoicism), Reception history
Subject E, TP, TTP
Subject (individuals) Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm ; Nietzsche, Friedrich ; Schmitt, Carl
First edition in the original language Italienisch/Italian: Castrucci, Emanuele (1999)
Autopsy yes
Complete bibliographic evaluation yes
German commentary Spinozas Stellungnahme zum theologisch-politischen Problem auf dem Hintergrund der Tradition seit der Antike und der Folgezeit bis zu Nietzsche und Carl Schmitt (s. bes. p. 65, no. 4)
English commentary Spinoza's position concerning the theologico-political problem at the backgroung of the tradition since antiquity and during modernity up to Nietzsche and Carl Scmitt (cf. esp. p. 65, no. 4)
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